Welcome to Classy Canine Lodging! A boarding facility for all breeds of dogs!

(Which means we accept Pitbulls!)

"A Home Away from Home."

Classy Canine Lodging
Our lodge offers a comfortable boarding environment for our canine guests of all sizes and breeds. We look forward to their visit and will do our best to provide what your dog needs and wants to best tolerate their time away from you. Take a look around our website and we look forward to hearing from you!

About Classy Canine Lodge

Classy Canine Lodge is a family run business established since 2009. We dedicate time and effort to insure the best possible stay for your dog while you are away. It is a 22 kennel 5 star boarding and grooming facility. 

Our supreme goal is to, upon your return; present you with the same happy well adjusted dogs that you entrusted us with. Whether it’s a business trip, family vacation or weekend away, you can rest assured that each and every canine companion left in our care will be cared for like part of the family.

Small dogs need special care to fend off the stress of separation anxiety. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that gives these special little creatures plenty of human and canine interaction. Lots of playtime coupled with feeding, potty time and sleep schedules seem to do the trick quite well.

Larger dogs need playtime and exercise coupled with timely feeding, potty walks, and sleep schedules. Our promise to you is: We will do our best to read what your dog needs and wants to best tolerate there time away from you and provide it.

Classy Canine Lodging
1 Goodyear Lane
Newmanstown, PA 17073

PH: 717-949-3938

Drop-Off/Pick-Up AM:
7:00am to 9:30am

Drop-Off/Pick-Up PM:
3:30pm to 5:30pm

Please Use Our Contact Us Page for E-mail Response!

Required Proof at Drop Off:

Please have your dog current with vaccines and licensing.

– Distemper

– Rabies

– Bordetella (2 Weeks Prior to stay)

– Flea Treatment Prior to stay

Lodging Information

Located just outside of Schaefferstown on a quaint family farmette, far from the hustle and bustle, Classy Canine Lodging is your dog’s home away from home. We have full time staff who are passionate dog lovers and are devoted to make each pooch feel secure and well during their stay here. Our dedicated staff takes extra time to play with our canine guest, getting to know each one as an individual, and give them cuddling time.

Accommodation Facility & Options:

We offer both indoor and outdoor options to pamper our guests. For smaller canine guests, we have 22 cozy, home-like rooms all equipped with heat and AC.  These spacious indoor rooms will assure our canine guests have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

We also offer three sizes of rooms to best accommodate your furry companion, a small 4ft by 5ft room, a medium 5ft by 6ft room and our large 5ft by 8ft room which we also use for Family Dogs to stay together.

Our medium and large rooms both have direct access to their individual outside run with large outdoor dog kennel to double their accommodation space.  These are ideal for our larger canine guests as well as our energetic smaller canine guests.  We have both indoor and outdoor runs available.

Rates & Room Sizes:

– Small – $25.00 per Day, 4ft by 5ft room

– Medium – $30.00 per Day, 5ft by 6ft room with 5ft by 8ft run

– Large – $30.00 per Day, 5ft by 8ft room with 5ft by 8ft run

– Family Kennels
Each Additional Dog per Room – $20

What’s Included:

*Daily walks


*Surround sound music

*Plenty of TLC


Dog Supplies: If your pup requires additional dog supplies during their stay, we will notify you before providing any. You do not have to worry about paying for any surprise items as we will communicate with you before charging any extra supplies. Here is a helpful guide to choosing the best products for your dogs.


If your pet requires medication please bring them along with a note how and when to give them. There is a $10 charge for the administration of medications for dog’s entire stay.

Physical Activity: Playtime & Exercise

All of our canine guests will receive daily leash walking or self exercise to romp around our enclosed lawn backyard, individual one to one or community playtime, regular potty breaks before dark, surround sound music and lots of TLC. They have the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of daily activities ranging from walk time, to community play and pool-time in the summer. We will do a temperature check daily and for guests who pass the evaluation can then socialize with other dogs under supervision. All our canine guests will be  grouped according to their sizes, temperament and play style to ensure optimal safety.

For guests who are not suitable for community play, they will get to enjoy individual one-on-one play sessions with a trained staff member and be pampered with belly rubs and personal conversation.

leash walking time

Food, Bed & Grooming Options

Food Options:  Just like home!  You bring it, we’ll serve it!  Bring your own fave foods –or– we’ll always have custom-selected puppy, high calorie dog food, mature adult & senior diets for your special pet.

Bed Choices: Each of our furry guest will enjoy the comforts of home in their own beds as dogs prefer their own beds. For guests with hip dysplasia and arthritis that require orthopedic dog beds, we will provide them one if you don’t bring one. During winter, we will provide heated dog beds & heating pads to keep them warm and cozy. You can bring your dog’s favorite blankets along as most pups would prefer to have something that smells like home!

Grooming Options:  You can request for your dog to receive a staff bath or a professional grooming. Prices for grooming will vary according to size and temperament of your dog. Coat conditions and behavior play an important role in how the price is determined. Our head groomer at Classy Canine Lodging has received specialized grooming training. We offer bath with shampoo & conditioner, standard hair cut, blow dry, post-brushing, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. We do our best to give your dog the most pleasant grooming experience without undue stress. Canine guests staying with us for more than 3 nights will receive a complementary bath spa!

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Happy dog

Bring your pooch to Classy Canine Lodging and let your furry ones have an enjoyable time here. Your beloved pets will enjoy one-on-one affection, attention, and interaction with an assigned staff member to ensure their well-being.

We welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. Our lodging environment are temperature-controlled, clean, and relaxing. When your doggies are not sleeping they will be playing outside, enjoying the fresh air.

We are committed to giving your beloved canine friends attention, love and care. Our caring pet sitters treat them like their own, and will keep them as healthy, comfortable,  and happy until it is time for you to bring them home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lodging

7:00am to 9:30am & 3:30pm to 5:30pm

You can bring your dog’s own food. Kindly help to to bag each serving separately, labelling each bag with your dog’s full name, and provide us with frequency, quantity, and preparation instructions. Our staff are happy to prepare the food and serve them to your dog just the way they like them!

Absolutely you can! Your dog will be happier with something they are familiar with. We will encourage you to limit toys to maximum 3 items, and for safety sake do  avoid plush toys as the filling can be ingested. 

No, Unless your dog refuses to eat out of anything but their own special bowls, we prefer you leave them at home.
If your pet requires medication please bring them along with a note how and when to give them. There is a $10 charge for the administration of medications.
We have both indoor and outdoor kennels. All of our indoor rooms with Heat and AC.
Each dog gets daily walks 3 times a day outside and we schedule 3 potty breaks during the day (morning, midday, evening). All our large and medium dog kennels have continuous access to the outdoor runs during daylight hours.
You will be charged for a full day on the day you drop off your pet. If you pick your dog up in the morning you will not be charged for the second day. If you pick up your dog in the evening you will be charged for the second full day fee.
We offer three different sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes and family dogs.
To assure the health & wellness of all our canine guests, we will require proof that all the following vaccinations are current:
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies
  • Canine Flu Vaccination: H3N8 and H3N2.
  • All shots per your vet’s protocol.